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Review your fall schedule!

Follow the steps below to view your schedule and, if needed, make any changes.

Remember to check your UW email regularly! You will be notified of any future changes to your enrolled classes by email.


Log into the Course Search and Enroll app to review your schedule.

To see your current enrollment, navigate to the Enrolled tray on the My Courses tab.


For each class, check the:


    • Classroom instruction
    • Online (some classroom)
    • Online only

  Meeting Times – Check for conflicts and see if any portion of an online class is held synchronously, meaning class is held online but at a specific time

  Class Notes

In the example above: Mode of instruction for the lecture is Online Only with a Day/Time provided, meaning the lecture is held online and requires students to be available to participate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00PM – 2:15PM Central Time • Mode of instruction for the discussion is Classroom Instruction with a Day/Time and physical location provided, meaning the discussion section will be held in person


Determine if any changes are necessary to your schedule due to issues like time conflicts or class modality.


Make changes to your schedule on your own. You’ve got this!


Review these FAQs if you have more questions or need additional help.

Step 6

If you still need help, contact your advisor.

Your advisor is likely receiving many requests for help right now. There might be a delay in their response and longer wait times for an appointment. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

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