College Roadmap

There is no one standard “roadmap” for all students. Your journey at UW-Madison will depend on a number of factors, including your personal and professional goals, your graduation timeline, your majors and interests, what you hope to get out of the experience, as well as other commitments related to family or work.

The information below is meant to give you a general sense of the components that can be part of a four-year college experience – it is not meant to be a checklist. Rather, it is meant to be used as a conversation starting point as you work with your advisors to develop your unique Wisconsin Experience.





  • If you are undeclared, meet with your advisor to discuss your plans for declaring a major.
  • Meet with your advisor to review your graduation plan, and check your degree progress to make sure there are no missing requirements.
  • Continue meeting with your school/college career center or other on-campus career resources to continue your professional development (for example, creating or reviewing your resume and cover letter, mock-interviews, building out your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles, creating a portfolio, getting letters of reference, etc.)
  • Continue using Handshake to look for students jobs, internships, and co-ops as well as on-campus career events.
  • Continue to volunteer or get involved with organizations on campus or in the surrounding community.