Student Spotlight

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: "How I used office hours."
In my Spanish class, everyone had a book for a book presentation. The one I ended up signing up for was the longest and extremely difficult to comprehend. A few weeks before the presentation I went to my instructor's office hours and explained my concern about the project and asked for advice about the best way to read and analyze the book, which was extremely helpful. After reading the book, I went again and made sure that I understood all of the content presented with the instructor and asked questions regarding my presentation. Taking the time to go to office hours, explaining my concerns and getting answers allowed me to do well on the project and understand the difficult book.
I attended my instructor's office hours to ask questions about difficult chemistry topics.  The instructor was able to help answer my questions but also it was nice to get to know the instructor.  He was nice and reassuring and he understood that a lot of students struggled with the concepts I was struggling with.
While I had memorized everything on the notes for a biology class I was taking, I still felt like I didn't get the big picture. By going into office hours I was able to explain my understanding and have it revised by an expert in the field, leaving with me a more informed and long-lasting conception of the topic. Having a full understanding made it much easier to remember a set of bullet points that I was initially only able to study via rote memorization.
As a freshman I had to take Math 112. I had never taken a math course taught through a computer program before so I was having difficulties with adjusting to the course. In addition, math isn't my strongest subject and having to take college level math at a fast pace. I took advantage of Math Lab by only attending the sessions that my instructor was present at. That way I could work one-on-one with him since many students didn't show up. It was very helpful! He was always eager to help me and was very patient. He always encouraged me to come back and not to hesitate asking questions during class. He was willing to meet with me at the library on weekends to help me with my homework assignments when I was struggling on the more difficult topics. If I hadn't utilized my instructor's office hours during Math Lab, I would not have done as well as I did in that course.
When I took Math 221, getting one on one help helped a lot because the instructor can give you the instruction you wouldn't really get in a lecture hall. It especially is helpful if you take longer to process the material, like myself.
I learned early on that professors enjoy personal interaction and really thrive off getting to know their students. I've gotten to understand many a rationale from complicated situations and have been able to come out enlightened thanks to the heightened nature of the relationship held between myself and the professor in question. By knowing my professors, I was able to create personal relationships with them and not be afraid to come in and ask any question I felt I needed help with.
When I was taking a programming course, I attended the instructor's office hours and found it very helpful. The instructor, Rebecca, clarified some general principles underlying the knowledge, which I had been unable to see in confusion. It is particularly important to me because it answers my questions about "why A is what it is."
By attending my TA's office hours, I was able to establish a relationship where I felt comfortable to ask questions and voice any concerns I had about the class. I could directly see the results of getting help in my final grade.
This past semester, I visited my instructor's office hours for a political science class to discuss the semester long research paper assigned to the students of the class. He helped me narrow down topics to write about and gave me ideas for how to conduct research for the paper. That bit of guidance helped me to think about how I would actually begin to write the paper, especially since that paper was the first in-depth research paper I have had to write in college.