Seven Reasons to Study Abroad

1) Open career paths
Consider the variety of academic coursework you can do abroad, in and outside of the classroom. Study abroad also offers opportunities for research, fieldwork, internships, practicums, and service-learning.  Students who study abroad gain a global perspective and develop critical thinking skills, helping them stand out to employers both now and in the future. 
2) Learn from different cultures  
Studying abroad is one of many opportunities at the UW to learn from people with different perspectives. Broadening your cultural understanding and sensitivity is essential to both our local community and in the globalizing world of culture, economics, and politics.
3) Take the path less traveled
Maybe you need to figure out how to use the metro system in Munich, or perhaps you’re practicing your Spanish at a post office in Costa Rica.  Living in another country challenges you to be confident and resourceful while exercising your problem-solving skills. And that can make all the difference in the classroom, on the job, and in the rest of your life!
4) Make new connections
Studying abroad can be an incredible bonding experience, and you may leave with lifelong friendships around the world. It's also an opportunity to do some international networking.
5) Don’t let the myths hold you back!
According to the 2013 study by the Office of Academic Planning and Research, studying abroad shouldn’t slow down your progress toward graduation. With hundreds of UW-approved study abroad programs to choose from, and with intentional preparation, you can study abroad and graduate on time.
Don’t know a foreign language? No problem. There are English-speaking study abroad opportunities in countries where English is not the native language.

And don’t forget scholarships and financial aid! In 2013, International Academic Programs participants received nearly $900,000 in scholarships. Even without scholarships and financial aid, many programs cost the same as or less than attendance on campus. It's definitely worth exploring your finanical aid options before making a decision.

6) Strengthen your flexibility and teamwork skills
These are among the top skills employers seek. During your time abroad, your ability to adapt and collaborate with your fellow students will be utilized every day!
7) Cross it off your bucket list                                                              
Your college years go by fast. For many people, taking advantage of traveling opportunities is more feasible while they're in school. You may travel abroad in the future, but this is your time to study abroad, an opportunity for extended interaction with another culture and location that can’t be matched if you were just on a vacation. 
These are just a few of the many reasons to study abroad. Talk to your advisor now to see if it’s the right decision for you and make sure you have the cutting edge, and no regrets!