• MYTH #1

    “You only need tutoring if you’re failing a course.”

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    Read about other students’ tutoring experiences
    “I left every session, confident that I could conquer the homework and the exams!”
  • Angela Lee Duckworth:

    The key to success? Grit

    Check out this TED Talk on the power of grit, hard work, and curiosity.

  • MYTH #2

    "Office hours are useless."

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    What do other students have to say about using office hours?

    "By going into office hours I was able to explain my understanding and have it reviesed by an expert in the field."

  • 5 Questions to ask your professor
    during office hours
  • MYTH #3

    "Tutoring will replace studying outside of class."

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    Read student tips on study strategies!

    "After the first exam, I decided I needed to find a study technique that went beyond just reading lecture notes repeatedly."

  • 9 Awesome Study Tips for College Students
    Do you know the "right" way to study? According to the New York Times, you may not . . . 
  • MYTH #4
    "I can't afford the resources."
  • MYTH #5

    “Tutoring will guarantee me an A.”

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  • MYTH #6

    “I'm the only student who doesn't get what's going on in class.”

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  • 10 Tips for Getting Good (or Better) Grades
    Seeking tutoring and learning support is just one strategy to improve or maintain your grades. 
  • Study Tips to Raise Your Grades
    5 tech items that can turn your smartphone into your own personal study tool 
  • MYTH #7

    “I don't have time for tutoring.”

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  • AdvisorTips
    on making time for tutoring.