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Term Full Name Definition
a   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts toward the Communication Part A requirement
ACSSS Adult Career & Special Student Services An advising department that helps adults (non-traditional, University Special or degree students) explore their learning options, develop career goals, and work through the admission process
AP Advanced Placement AP classes are advanced, college-level courses offered to high school students. If students complete these classes successfully they can earn college credit that may count toward their college degree.
ASM Associated Students of Madison ASM is the student governance organization at UW-Madison
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Acronym Full Name Description
b   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts toward the Communication Part A requirement
B   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts toward biological science.
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Acronym Full Name Description
CAE Center for Academic Excellence An academic support and advising unit serving first-generation, low-income, multicultural, and underrepresented students in the College of Letters & Science
CALS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences One of eight undergraduate schools and colleges at UW-Madison
Campus ID Campus Identification Number It's a ten (10) digit number used to identify students, staff, or faculty. You can find it through your Student Center as well as on your Campus ID card. (Hint: you'll need this when you go to an advising appointment!)
CCAS Cross College Advising Service CCAS helps students who are exploring  majors or degress, and are still undecided about what they want to do
CEC Career Exploration Center Helps students who want to explore majors or careers. They offer career advising, assessments, and provide workshops, guest speakers, and a free career library to browse through!
CeO Center for Educational Opportunity CeO offers advising and support to help first-generation students (first in their family to go to a 4-year university), students with disabilities, or students from lower-income families
CfLI Center for Leadership and Involvement CfLI provides students with information on how to get involved in leadership opportunities, student organizations, study abroad, research, rec sports, volunteering, and more!
CFYE Center for the First Year Experience Office that helps new and incoming students make a smooth transition to life at UW-Madison
CLEP College-Level Examination Program Allows students who have gained knowledge through independent study, advanced high school courses, noncredit adult courses, or professional development to take examinations for possible college credit
Comm A Communications Part A Denotes a GER (general education requirement) course that focuses on strengthening literacy skills
Comm B Communications Part B This is the second part of the GER (general education requirement) course sequence designed to strengthen literacy skills
Course Guide Course Guide
Course Guide is an online, searchable catalog of courses providing a wide array of course information including the ability to browse the courses being offered each term. To access Course Guide:
General Public - Use the Public Course Guide
Students, Faculty, and Staff - Use My UW Course Guide Tab/App
CP 125 Counseling Psychology 125 A one-credit, first-year seminar course, titled the Wisconsin Experience Seminar.
CPHA Center for Pre-Health Advising Advises students thinking of going into a health field. CPHA helps students get prepared, enroll in pre-requisites, get involved in opportunities related to their health interests, and prepare for the medical school, dental school, veterinary school, etc. application process 
CPLA Center for Pre-Law Advising Provides advising and other resources to students (and alumni) in all majors who are interested in pursuing a law degree
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Acronym Full Name Description
DARS Degree Audit Reporting System Tool that allows students and advisors to audit progress toward an undergraduate degree, major or certificate program
DCS Division of Continuing Studies Division of the university that promotes and provides access to educational resources (non-credit courses, workshops, seminars, etc.) to nontraditional students, lifelong learners, and the community
DoIT Division of Information Technology  Provides computer sales and services: equipment rental, free "how-to" workshops on software like Excel and Photoshop, help with computer problems/questions, and more!
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Acronym Full Name Description
EAS Education Academic Services Student academic affairs and advising office for both current and prospective students in the School of Education
ENGR College of Engineering One of eight undergraduate schools and colleges at UW-Madison
ESLAT English as a Second Language Assessment Test An exam used at UW-Madison to help place students into the right ESL course (English 114-118)
EVoC End Violence on Campus EVoC is a campus initiative that strives to end violence against women, promote equality and respect, and provide services for students with issues relating to sexual assault
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Acronym Full Name Description
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  Federal law that governs the privacy of student educational records, access to those records, and disclosure of information from them
FIGS First-Year Interest Groups Cluster of 3 first-year classes linked by a common theme; coordinated to build community and help students discover interdisciplinary connections in the subject matter
First-Generation Student   Students who are the first in their immediate family to pursue a four year college degree (no one else in the immediate family completed a four year college degree)
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Acronym Full Name Description
geBLC geBLC Symbols that you'll see in Class Search or Course Guide for Letters & Science courses, (like ethnic studies, breadth, level, and credit . . . )
GER General Education Requirements These are classes that all UW-Madison undergraduate students take to build the foundation for their overall studies and degree 
GUTS Greater University Tutorial Service Student organization that connects students with volunteer tutors who can help you with your courses, study skills, conversational English, intercultural exchange, and more
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Acronym Full Name Description
H   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course is a humanities course
HIPs High Impact Practices Educational practices or activities that you can do to get the most out of your college experience (studying abroad, taking a FIG, participating in research, pursuing an honors experience, etc.)
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Acronym Full Name Description
IAP International Academic Programs Department that coordinates study abroad programs. They're a  great resouce for students to browse programs and ask questions about studying abroad
IB International Baccalaureate Advanced credit students can receive if they sucessfully completed certain college-level coursework in high school
IIP International Internship Program
A campus resource for undergraduates from all majors seeking internships or co-ops abroad or with an international focus in the U.S. IIP provides advising and resources to help you get started exploring international internship opportunities, applying for scholarships and getting course credit.
ISS International Students Services Department that provides support and information for international students, for things like visa questions or immigration issues.
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Acronym Full Name Description
L   A symbol in Course Guide that indicates a course counts for Literature
L&S College of Letters and Science One of eight undergraduate schools and colleges at UW-Madison
Learn@UW Learn@UW "Learn@UW" is an online course platform students use regularly to check grades, submit assignments, respond to class discussions, view their courses, and more
LGBTCC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Campus Center Provides a place where LGBTQ and allied students can get access to, and get educated about, LGBTQ resources and services. It’s also a fun, relaxing place to hang out, do homework, attend events, and meet new people!
LSAAS L&S Academic Advising Services Advises pre-declared L&S undergraduate students about their educational goals, academic requirements, navigating the university structure, and making progress toward degree completion
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Full Name
McBurney Disability Resource Center
Assists students with physcial, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities
MD Coordinator(s)
Minority/Disadvantaged Coordinator
Representatives in each school/college with responsibility for recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, staff and faculty
Multicultural Student Center
The MSC is a resource for students that offers discussion groups, training, and workshops on how to build a more inclusive campus. It is also a place you can go to just hang out, watch TV, do homework, and get connected! The mission of the MSC is to collaboratively strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus where all students, particularly students of color and other historically underserved students, are engaged and can realize an authentic Wisconsin Experience.
MyUW Portal
 This is an online portal where students can find information and access a vast array of electronic/on-line resources
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Acronym Full Name Description
N   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts for natural science
NSL New Student Leader A student who works for the Center for the First-Year Experience. NSLs serve as positive role models for new students and help run SOAR (Summer Orientation, Advising, and Registration) and Wisconsin Welcome events.
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Acronym Full Name Description
OA Orientation Assistant Student A student who works for the Center for the First-Year Experience. OAs also help support new students and parents before and after SOAR (Summer Orientation, Advising, and Registration).
OMAI Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives Pronounced "oh-my" - OMAI provides culturally relevant and transformative arts programming to promote positive social dialogue and to give cultural art forms a legitimate academic forum
OUA Office of Undergraduate Advising Provides campus-wide support for undergraduate advising, including training for new advisors, professional development training, and communication across different advising units.
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Acronym Full Name Description
P   A symbol that denotes a course is a physcial science
PEOPLE Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence An organization that helps students successfully transition from middle school to high school, and from high school to college. It provides college preparation, leadership development, tutoring, student job opportunities, and more.
POSSE POSSE Program The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits, and trains youth leaders from urban public high schools and sends these groups as "Posses" to top colleges and universities around the country
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Acronym Full Name Description
q   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts toward the Quantitative Reasoning Part A general degree requirement (GER)
QR-A Quantitative Reasoning Part A A class UW-Madison students take as part of their GERs (General Education Requirements.)
QR-B Quantitative Reasoning Part B A class UW-Madison students take as part of their GERs (General Education Requirements.
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Acronym Full Name Description
r   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts toward the Quantitative Reasoning Part B requirement
RO Office of the Registrar An office where you can go if you have questions about transcripts, tuition information, registration and enrollment information.
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Acronym Full Name Description
S   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts for social science
SAA (L&S) Student Academic Affairs Division of L&S decidated to supporting student learning and personal growth, inside and outside the classroom
SAP Satisfactory Academic Progress Federal regulations regarding student eligibilty for financial aid
SCE Summer Collegiate Experience Intensive 7-week summer program designed to introduce first-year students to campus and advance their skills in composition, mathematics, critical thinking & cultural awareness 
SEED Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Student SEED is a non-traditional, grass-roots developed social justice which uses "the textbook of students' lives" as the main teaching tool. 
SEVIS Student Exchange and Visitor Information System Nationwide system the US government uses to maintain accurate information on non-immigrant students, exchange visitors, and their dependents
SOAR Student Orientation, Advising & Registration UW-Madison orientation for new freshmen and transfer students
SoE School of Education One of eight undergraduate schools and colleges at UW-Madison
SoHE School of Human Ecology One of eight undergraduate schools and colleges at UW-Madison
SoN School of Nursing One of eight undergraduate schools and colleges at UW-Madison
STAMP Student Transfer and Mentor Program STAMP is a student organization created to help transfer students successfully integrate into UW
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Acronym Full Name Description
TA Teaching Assistant Title used for graduate student instructors (TAs often lead discussion sections and labs of larger courses)
TED Trasfer Equivilency Database Transfer course equivalency database that includes frequently transferred courses from select two-year colleges in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
TIS Transfer Information System Transfer course equivalency database that Includes freshman- and sophomore-level courses at UW System schools and Wisconsin Technical Colleges
TITU Today in the Union Schedule of events in the Wisconsin Union facilities (Memorial Union and Union South).
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Acronym Full Name Description
UHS University Health Services Student health center at UW-Madison
URS Undergraduate Research Scholars Provides first- and second-year students with opportunities to earn credit for participating in research and creative work by faculty and staff
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Acronym Full Name Description
VIP Visitor and Information Programs Your gateway to campus. VIP serves as the central access point for visitors, students, faculty and staff for answering questions, locating information and navigating UW–Madison and the surrounding community.
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Acronym Full Name Description
W   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts for either social science or natural science
WAA Wisconsin Alumni Association The The alumni association of UW-Madison. Celebrate your lifelong connection to UW-Madison, stay in touch with your alma mater,  and discover more about the worldwide community of Badger alumni.
Wiscard Wiscard An ID card for UW-Madison students and faculty
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Acronym Full Name Description
X   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts as either a humanities or natural science course
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Acronym Full Name Description
Y   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts as either a biological science or a social science course
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Acronym Full Name Description
Z   A symbol in the Course Guide that indicates a course counts as either a humanities or social science course
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