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Mentor Match

Connect to an experienced advisor or career services staff member on campus for collaborative learning and support during your first year on campus!

Mentor Match is a one year, flexible mentoring program that matches new and experienced advisors and career services staff members. Receive individualized support and a space to ask questions that are unique to your role. At this time, we have capacity to match folks in the undergraduate advising and career services community.

We match people three times a year – in October, February, and June. You can expect an email from us then! Please feel free to join the program at whatever time of year works best for you.

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"It was great to have a contact person for questions as I got started, and as I adjusted to my life in Madison. My mentor also connected me to workshops, trainings, and other students events she thought would be helpful for me to attend."

Kathryn Jones, Mentor Match Participant 2015

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Who can be a mentee or mentor?

Mentees: Most Mentor Match mentees are new to their advising or career services role within the past year, but anyone who feels that they could benefit from the program should feel free to fill out the interest survey.

Mentors: Any academic advisor or career services staff members who have worked in their role at UW-Madison for at least a year are welcome (and encouraged) to sign up to become a mentor.

What is the time commitment?

Generally, participants are encouraged to meet about once a month, but there is not a strict schedule. Mentor Match deliberately has an open structure to give participants the flexibility to create their own schedules depending on their availability throughout the year.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

Each year mentees apply through filling out a survey to let us know more about their role on campus, the topic areas in which they are most interested in receiving mentorship, and the expertise and/or qualities they are looking for in a mentor.

After receiving the surveys, the Office of Undergraduate Advising reaches out to experienced advisors and/or career services staff who fit the description of what the mentees are looking for in a mentor. We have had a wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic group of mentors from the very start.

Do mentors receive any guidance?

The Office of Undergraduate Advising will reach out individually to mentors and their mentees expressing interest in the program to share more information and answer any questions.

Mentors are also encouraged to refer to the Advising Core Competencies and Guiding Principles.

There is not set curriculum for Mentor Match and participants can cover any topic, in any order that they choose. During your first meeting, it may be helpful for mentors to ask if their mentees have any “burning questions” or particular areas they would like to touch on at some point, although many conversations will occur organically based off of the mentee’s needs and certain times of the year (graduation, enrollment, etc.)

Here are some sample topics to consider:

  • Setting/achieving professional goals
  • Building connections with other colleagues
  • Go-to advising and/or career services resources
  • Philosophy & techniques
  • Organizational & time management strategies
  • Building campus partnerships
  • Common student concerns
  • Strategies for using tools/technology/information related to your work