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Intro to Advising

Kick off your advising career at UW-Madison with this two-part workshop designed to give new advisors a foundation for their advising role on campus.

During Intro to Advising you will get to connect to new advisors, learn where to find tools and resources, get an overview of the advising landscape on campus, and ask your burning questions to a panel of experienced advisors!

Offered in the spring and fall. See the Events Calendar.

It was so helpful to have the opportunity to network with other new advisors, hear from experienced advisors, and get to know a bit more of the advising landscape.

Intro to Advising Participant, 2015

What to Expect

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a sense of connection to the UW-Madison advising community
  • Know and value the UW-Madison Guiding Principles for Academic Advising
  • Understand the structure of advising at UW-Madison
  • Appreciate the diversity of advising roles on campus
  • Become familiar with student demographic data and student development theory
  • Become familiar with key advising tools/resources and how to get training on technological systems
  • Create an action plan for continued professional development; become self-directed in the professional development process