University of Wisconsin–Madison

Advising & Career Services Continuity

UW-Madison is committed to the continuity of undergraduate advising and career services in the event of an emergency disruption resulting in the need to shift operations to better serve students. Recommended resources below provide a range of tools and guidance for undergraduate advisors and career services professionals.

The Advising and Career Services COVID-19 Unit Operations Document is meant to serve as an internal, centralized resource for staff to reference the current services and advising availability of units across campus. Click below to add/edit your unit’s information and view the availability and services of other units.

Unit Operations Document

General Guidance (updated 4/1/20)

It is expected that advisors, advising units, and career services use remote options for appointments/access during the period in which instruction at UW-Madison will be remote. We do not want to unnecessarily expose staff to illness; therefore, virtual services will be our most viable option.

Appointments should be scheduled using normal methods: Starfish, phone, or in some cases email.

See the full list of general guidance updates including disruptive grading option FAQs, recording policy, and deadline to drop classes.

Technology Guidance

While UW-Madison supports multiple platforms to facilitate remote meetings, the tools below are highly recommended in order to prevent students from having to learn multiple new systems.

These platforms are also supported by DoIT if you have questions or need assistance.

For questions about or issues with platforms supported by UW-Madison, please check current outages or contact DoIT Help.