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Information For Conference Presenters

Thank you for presenting at the Advising & Career Services Conference!

Please reach out to with any questions about the information below.

Timeline & Deadlines

Preparing for your Presentation

The Day of Your Presentation

Breakout sessions will be held on Thursday, March 9, 2023

  • Arriving for your virtual session
    1. Review the conference schedule to confirm what time your session will be held.
    2. Use the link in the conference schedule to join your session. Your Tech Host will start your session and let you in.
    3. Plan to join the session 10 minutes prior to the session start time in case you want to connect or share anything with with your technical host and back-up supports.
      1. Tip: Let your Tech Host and Tech Back-ups know of any links, resources, breakout rooms needs and when they should be ready to help with those.
  • Support during your session

    You will have a Tech Host and a Tech Back-up for each of your virtual sessions.

    Find who your Tech Host and Tech Back-ups are for your session

    Tech Hosts will: 

    • Reach out to the lead presenter to initiate conversation about what support is needed for the session. 
    • Start the Meeting (We will create and provide Zoom links. You’ll already have host access when you join.)
    • Arrive 10 minutes early for sound/camera checks
    • Admit all presenters to Zoom room early 
    • Assign co-host privileges to presenters and the back-up when they join
    • Admit participants into the room
    • Turn on live captions
    • Start and stop breakout rooms (if needed) and send 5 minute warnings 
    • Contact a member of the conference planning team in case of tech issues

    Tech Back-ups will:

    • Do everything the Tech Host will do if the Tech Host is unavailable
    • Help tech host admit participants into the room
    • Keep an eye on the chat for technology issues & alert presenters as needed – related to tech issues and not content 
    • Share any links in the chat if needed
    • Re-share information in the chat with late arrivals
    • Contact a member of the conference planning team in case of tech issues
    • At the end of the session, share the link to session assessment and what’s coming up next at the conference. Verbalize what the links are.
  • Communicating with OUA during the Conference
    • You will be added to a Microsoft Teams “Team” to communicate with OUA during the conference in case any urgent issues or questions arise related to your ability to present or your session. This is the best and fastest way to contact us.
    • We will use this same Team to contact you in case of any conference updates/changes—this Team is specific to volunteers, presenters, and the conference planning team. 
    • Please turn on your notifications for this Team to be sure you get all necessary updates about the conference—unless you want updates throughout the entire conference, I would recommend waiting to turn on your notifications until Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning. Once you are added, go to the Team, select the three dots (…) at the top right of the Conference Volunteer and Presenter Team screen, click Channel Notifications, select All Activity to ensure you receive timely notifications. See the attached image for help navigating this process.

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