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Advisor Book & Film Club

The Advisor Book & Film Club was formed in 2015 as a subcommittee of the Advising Training & Development Team (ATDT) – formerly known as ABfAT. Through facilitated discussions of readings and films, the subcommittee seeks to provide a unique format for advisors to further their knowledge of student services in higher education and inform their advising practices.

To Get Involved: To get involved or to provide recommendations for books or films that have impacted your work with students, faculty and staff are welcome to contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising.

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"It has been a great opportunity to read and critically discuss key works in student development theory. It was an engaging space to share knowledge that has certainly impacted my work, and helped me understand broader issues that directly influence inside and outside the classroom experiences of our diverse student body."

Fatima Sartbay, Chancellor's & Powers-Knapp Advisor