University of Wisconsin–Madison
Providing central coordination for the undergraduate advising and career services communities

Advising Architecture Review Board (AARB)

The Advising Architecture Review Board provides support and recommendations to the Office of Undergraduate Advising about how advising tools can best be integrated and delivered to the advising community in support of improving the advising experience for undergraduates. AARB serves the university as a coordinating body charged with accepting, reviewing, and making recommendations regarding current and future advising technology initiatives on campus.

AARB maintains a public wiki which can be accessed by following this link: AARB Home.

AARB is chaired by the Office of Undergraduate Advising Director for Technology and Assessment.

Long-term committee planning and agenda setting is carried out by the AARB planning team consisting of Advising, Registrar’s Office, and DoIT leaders on the committee. AARB members as well as advising, RO, and DoIT community members are encouraged to bring issues, ideas, and questions to the AARB for consideration and discussion.

AARB meets monthly during the academic year and one to two times over the course of the summer. Meetings are typically scheduled for two hours.

Christine M Z Anderson, Division of Information Technology

Aaron Apel, Office of the Registrar

Naomi Bernstein, Division of Information Technology

Ben Diamond, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Chris Diorio, Center for the First-Year Experience

Bethany Gordy, Division of Information Technology

Kendra Gurnee, School of Pharmacy

Stephanie Johnson, Division of Information Technology

Eric MacKay, Office of the Registrar

Diana Maki, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Sara Rodock, College of Letters & Science

Wyl Schuth, College of Letters & Science (AIM)

Dija Selimi, Center for Pre-Health Advising

Saikat Sengupta, Division of Information Technology

Jeffrey Shokler, Chair, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Wren Singer, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Emily Sivesind-Finger, Cross College Advising Service

Karen Thomas, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Maria Zarzalejo, College of Engineering

The AARB seeks members who have an interest in the application of technology for solving problems of access to information and work/process efficiency for both advisors and students.

Technical knowledge or skills, while helpful, are not necessary for service the committee. Members are encouraged to bring their experiences and the needs of their unit to the discussions of the committee, as well as to broaden their thinking to embrace and advocate for the larger needs of all advisors and students at the university. While breadth of representation from advising units across the institution is desired on the committee, it is not a requirement for selection or membership.

Members are sometimes asked to volunteer to serve on short-term working groups to provide insight or to carry out targeted work on specific issues or subjects. For example, during the spring 2016 term five advisors worked over a two month period with a DoIT Business Analyst to define the starting set of business requirements for the future successor to the Scheduling Assistant system.

To indicate your interest in joining AARB, please take the OUA Committee Interest Survey.