University of Wisconsin–Madison

Academic Advising & Policy Leaders (AAPL)

Academic Advising & Policy Leaders (AAPL) makes recommendations, or decisions when appropriate, about campus-wide advising policy in the best interest of undergraduate students, as well as  the implementation of academic policy which intersect with advising.

Members share information, experiences, and ideas to support one another in work as undergraduate advising leaders.

AAPL coordinates with the University Council for Academic Affairs and Assessment, Crossroads,  and the Council on Academic Advising.

The Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Advising and Career Services chairs AAPL. The committee meets twice per month, year-round.

AAPL members are associate/assistant deans and/or directors of academic affairs, advising, student affairs units.

There are one or two representatives per school/college/division (including Center for First Year Experience, Division of Diversity Equity and Educational Achievement, and the Office of Undergraduate Advising).

Carren Martin – Center for the First Year Experience

Cal Bergman – College of Letters & Science

Christopher Lee – College of Letters & Science

Liane Kosaki- College of Letters & Science

Cheryl Gittens – Division of Diversity, Equity, & Educational Achievement

Christina Klawitter – School of Education

Martin Rouse – Division of Continuing Studies

Annette McDaniel – School of Human Ecology

Katie Bleier – School of Nursing

Kelley Harris- Cross-College Advising Service

Jim Franzone- School of Business

Jenny Binzley – College of Engineering

Manuela Romero – College of Engineering

Karen Kopacek-School of Pharmacy

John Klatt –  College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Karen Wassarman- College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Diana Maki – Office of Undergraduate Advising

Wren Singer – Office of Undergraduate Advising,  Chair