Advising Architecture Review Board (AARB)


The Advising Architecture Review Board provides support and recommendations to the Office of Undergraduate Advising about how advising tools can best be integrated and delivered to the advising community in support of improving the advising experience for undergraduates.  AARB serves the university as a coordinating body charged with accepting, reviewing, and making recommendations regarding current and future advising technology initiatives on campus.

The AARB maintains a public wiki which can be accessed by following this link: AARB Home.


2015-16 Members

Aaron Apel, Office of the Registrar
Kendra Gurnee, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Scott Burkhardt, College of Letters & Science
Tanya Cutsforth, College of Engineering
Emily Dickmann, Office of Undergraduate Advising
Jason Fishbain, Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Andrew Goldstein, Division of Information Technology
James Helwig, Division of Information Technology
Noel Howlett, Cross College Advising Service
Phil Hull, Office of the Registrar
Jess Jones, Division of Information Technology
Jerry Jordan, School of Education
Michael Kruse, College of Letters & Science
Keith Hazelton, Division of Information Technology
Nikki Lemmon, College of Letters & Science
Will Lipske, Office of the Registrar    
Scott Owczarek, Co-Chair, Office of the Registrar
Sara Rodock, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Dija Selimi, Center for Pre-Health Advising
Jeffrey Shokler, Co-Chair, Office of Undergraduate Advising
Wren Singer, Office of Undergraduate Advising
Phyllis Treige, Divison of Information Technology
Christopher Verhaeghe, Center for the First-Year Experience