Advising and Career Services During COVID-19

During this period when instruction at UW-Madison is remote or offered in a hybrid format, academic and career advisors are still available to help students achieve academic and career success. Students are able to meet with their academic and career advisors remotely – over the phone, or on a computer/phone as either a voice or video call. Students are also welcome to email their advisors with questions. 

Your advisors are ready to support you during this time. New information continues to be released and your advisors will do their best to answer any questions you have as they learn more. We ask for your patience and flexibility as we all learn new ways to connect and communicate through this time.


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How do I meet with or find my academic advisor?

  • Academic advisors are setting up options for you to meet virtually.
  • Use the Starfish app in your MyUW to make a virtual appointment with your advisor. If your advisor does not use Starfish for scheduling, schedule your appointment via email or phone. 
  • If you don’t know who your advisor is or how to contact them, visit the Academic Navigator in your MyUW to learn how to contact your advisor with questions or to make an appointment.

How do I meet with or find my career advisor?

  • Career advisors will be setting up options for you to meet virtually.
  • Use the Starfish app in your MyUW to make a virtual appointment with an advisor. If the career services unit does not use Starfish for scheduling, schedule your appointment via email or phone. 
  • If you don’t know who your advisor is or which office to contact, visit for a list of career services units on campus.

How do I make a virtual appointment with my advisor?

  • Check to see if your advisor uses Starfish (in your MyUW) for scheduling: 
    • Select a day/ time for your appointment
    • You can choose a virtual appointment for the location
      • Examples may include: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, phone appointment
      • In all cases, add your phone number in the notes of the appointment so if you are disconnected your advisor can contact you
    • If there is no virtual appointment option, choose any physical location and list your phone number in the notes. Your advisor will contact you about connecting virtually.
  • If your advisor doesn’t have Starfish, schedule your appointment via email or phone 
  • If your advisor is using Microsoft Teams for your virtual appointment, review this helpful resource before your appointment begins.

What career services are still available to me?

  • Co-op, Job & Internship Applications: Handshake remains available to students to review and apply for internships, jobs, and co-ops.
  • Interviews: Students and employers are encouraged to contact the UW-Madison career center who organized their upcoming interview/s on-campus. Interviews may take place virtually.  
  • Currently Employed Students: Students working in an internship or co-op for academic credit in the Spring 2020 semester should contact their career services office or internship/co-op course instructor if there are any changes to their employment status, including work location, schedule, or employment duration.
  • Online Resources: Students are encouraged to utilize online resources through UW-Madison career center websites for assistance with mock interviews, industry information, and more.
  • Inquiries: UW-Madison students are encouraged to contact their school or college career center with any questions on career-related topics. Students exploring careers and majors are should contact the Career Exploration Center. Students who are interested in pre-professional paths should contact the Center for Pre-Health Advising or Center for Pre-Law Advising.

Which campus resources are open and available to me?

  • COVID-19 Response – Find information on the latest updates, information, and planning
  • University Health Service – Find services and resources from UHS that continue to support your health and well-being while learning is remote, including:
    • Identity-specific resources for students
    • Virtual wellness resources
    • Information on how to connect with medical, counseling, and wellness services
  • YOU@WISC – Find resources specifically designed for UW-Madison to foster student success in three domains: Succeed, Thrive, and Matter
    • Succeed – degree & career options, leadership & professional development, academics & grades, internships & career path, and more
    • Thrive – stress management, sleep, fitness & nutrition, alcohol & substance use resources, loneliness & depression resources, and more
    • Matter – building relationships, clubs & volunteering, social resilience, mindfulness & balance, and more

Please read the information above to learn how to connect with academic and career advisors. If you have questions after reading, please email