The Wisconsin Experience

You may recall hearing a lot about the “Wisconsin Experience” during SOAR, and if you haven’t given it much thought since then, consider scheduling an appointment with your advisor to discuss some options and get started!
Take a look at the pictures below. Notice that your coursework makes up one small piece of the puzzle. Even if you never miss a class and graduate with a 4.0, if you don’t connect your studies with outside the classroom experiences your overall “college picture” is incomplete. 

✓ Get hands-on experience

Network with professionals

✓ Make friends with similar interests

✓ Build your resume/portfolio

Explore areas of interest

Advisors can help you explore and connect to these opportunities. Advisors are also here to help you evaluate what you’ve learned from your experiences (both in and outside of the classroom) and articulate how they’ve helped you gain the skills you need to attain your goals. This is a key skill that will help you whether you’re writing a resume, crafting a cover letter, or going to a job interview.
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