When Should I See an Advisor?

There’s no right answer for everyone, however we encourage you to see your academic advisor twice a semester; once to help you plan your coursework, and once to explore and discuss “bigger picture” questions and goals.
But remember, these are guidelines, not rules! You can schedule appointments with an advisor more, or less, as needed.
You should try to schedule your appointment at least a week beforehand, (and 2-3 weeks before if you're approaching enrollment season!)
We have advisors who specialize in, and would love to talk to you about:
     •  Study abroad
     •  Career exploration
     •  Internships
     •  Pre-health
     •  Pre-law
     •  Bioscience/Biology
     •  Athletics
     •  Transfer questions
     •  First-generation
        student support
     •  Non-traditional
         student options
     •  International
     •  Grad school