What is Advising?

At UW-Madison advising is a partnership between you and the network of advisors you build during your time here. It is one of the most essential resources available to you - one that can play a pivotal role in your college career. What you get out of advising depends on what you put into it. Just like a priceless tool – the results from using it are only as good as your understanding and ability to use it well, and to its full potential.
“A good advisor does for a student’s entire curriculum what a good instructor does for one course”
- Dr. Marc Lowenstein, 2005
Advising is not limited to certain topics or specific months of year. Advisors are here to introduce you to opportunities and help you make decisions. If you have questions or want support, if you are looking for a sounding board, or if you simply need someone to get you going in the right direction, advisors are here for you.
Students share the value of advising at UW-Madison.
Video by Peter Kleppin – UW Communications