These resources are for general student health, safety, and support including: violence, sexual assault, racial bias or harassment, mental health crises, family emergencies, crisis loans, student misconduct, disability resources, health services, campus safety & crime issues.
DoSO can help you if you need support with or have questions about issues of violence, sexual assault, sexual or racial harassment, hate or bias reporting, personal or family emergencies, crisis loans, or student misconduct.
The McBurney Disability Resource Center provides classroom accommodations for students with a diagnosed disability, such as AD/HD, vision or hearing loss, learning disabilities, chronic medical or mental health disorders, mobility impairments, or autism spectrum disorder. Staff facilitate and advocate for reasonable accommodations and work with students, faculty and staff to ensure educational access.
UHS is the student health center at UW-Madison open to all undergraduate students (part or full time). They offer counseling and psychiatry, physicians, health insurance, wellness classes, and a pharmacy.
UHS also has a Mental Health Crisis Line: (608) 265-5600 (option 9)
UWPD works with UW-Madison on campus safety and crime issues.


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