Student Spotlight

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: "How my advisor supported my academic success."
"My advisor helped me get connected with learning support by exploring classroom resources first, before reaching out to other learning support programs. She wanted to get a sense of how I learned best.
For example, she advised me to visit my professor’s and teachers assistant’s office hours. Sometimes my schedule didn't work out with office hours so my advisor suggested I visit tutoring programs that certain classes offered; for example, Math 112, offered a MathLab tutoring program, but I mentioned I wanted more help so she directed me to the Tutorial Program Coordinator for the Center of Academic Excellence who then got me connected with a tutor for a one on one session. My advisor helped me get learning support with what best worked for me and my schedule. 
Personally, I like both, the one on one session and group tutoring because you learn things that other students know while working together, but also in individual sessions, the attention is more focused on certain things you do not understand rather than review general information."
-UW Student, Joyce Jimenez