Student Spotlight

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: "How I used learning support resources."
I took statistics over the summer and found the homework problems to be challenging. I started attending Wendt Library's drop-in tutoring and have since then done exceptionally well on my homework assignments. Thanks to the tutors at Wendt Library, I've developed an overall better understanding of the course material.
I got a lot of help from Math tutoring services in Van Vleck Hall and the fourth floor of Wendt Commons. The TA's were very willing to explain difficult concepts and other information I missed. A good example is when I took Math 221. I would go in for help once every week because I wasn't quite grasping the material during lecture . . . it helped me pass the class!
I was studying for organic chemistry 343 freshman year and didn't understand stereoisomers and meso compounds very well. I knew Gordon Commons had drop-in tutoring help for Chem 343 so I stopped by and worked with a tutor who really helped me grasp of the material. I was glad I went in!
In one of my first chemistry lectures of my first semester in college, a student made a "lecture shout-out" encouraging students to sign up to participate in weekly study sessions. These study sessions were coordinated by a student organization called the Peer Learning Association (PLA). At first I wasn't sure how I would benefit from this study group in ways that I wouldn't normally benefit from just studying with a friend. However, I soon recognized the value in this type of studying. As peers, the students in the class were encouraged to try to recall material without looking at notes as well as work with others in the group to come up with the best answers. Not only was I able to review the material each week, but I was also able to learn new ways to think about problems and apply those techniques to my other classes. I also benefited from PLA because the sessions were weekly, and I was pushed to keep up with the material more than I might have if I were responsible for studying on my own. This form of tutoring also gave me the opportunity to learn by teaching others, which is one of the best ways that I retain material.
Freshman year, I signed up for a GUTS Academic Match session for Math 171 as math has never been my strongest subject. We met for two hours every week and the tutor helped explain difficult concepts and gave us strategies for working similar problems as opposed to simply giving us the solution for the problem in front of us. It was helpful to have the opportunity to ask questions in a setting that was less intimidating than large lecture. I left every session, confident that I could conquer the homework and the exams!
When I was taking calculus classes I was having a lot of difficulties so I signed up for the math tutorial on campus and it literally changed my life! I also benefited from the math tutorial office hours.