Staying on Track

How can I stay on track?
Talk to your advisor about creating a four year graduation plan, and consider the following tips:
Nikki Bollig, Advising in the Wisconsin BBA Advising Center
• Make sure your AP/CLEP and retro foreign language credits transfer
• Plan to take 15 credits a semester
• Consider taking a winter or summer course
• Know how many electives your major/
  degree allows you to take
• Understand your DARS report
• Be flexible with your class schedule
• Seek academic support
• See your academic advisor regularly!
What are possible obstacles?
Sticking to a four year plan is not always easy, and there can be many stumbling blocks. The good news is that all you need to do is ask for help. There are resources everywhere! Talk to your advisor about how to develop a plan for challenges like:
• Dropping, failing, or withdrawing from a course  
• Working part-time or full-time
• Feeling unmotivated or “burnt out”
• Taking more electives than your major/degree allows
• Declaring a major past your junior year
• Getting married or starting a family
There are some myths floating around about “obstacles” that will keep you from graduating in four years, so make sure you are informed!