SOAR Advising Group Options

CCAS Advising

(I have not decided yet) Cross-College Advising Service

The Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) is an advising office for students who have not decided on their major and want to explore the many academic opportunities on campus. CCAS advisors are knowledgeable about all majors offered by the University. Each year, CCAS advisors work with approximately one-third of the students in the entering class.

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Agricultural Hall (Photo by Bryce Richter)

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) mission is to advance and share knowledge, discover solutions and promote opportunities in food and agriculture, bioenergy, health, the environment and community development. The college offers 24 different majors and prepares students for careers as well as medical, veterinary and graduate school through research, international and internship experiences. CALS advisors work with students who are both focused toward one of our majors and students who are still exploring within the biosciences.

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CALS welcomes students who are interested in biosciences but still exploring a major.
Grainger Hall (Photo by Jeff Miller)

Wisconsin School of Business

The Wisconsin School of Business is a limited enrollment program offering ten business-oriented majors. Students interested in applying to the Wisconsin School of Business should select this option for SOAR. To be eligible to apply, students must complete 24 credits at UW-Madison (12 credits at UW-Madison for transfer students), including the four pre-business courses. Students will continue their curriculum with liberal studies, business preparatory, core, major, and breadth requirements. The School of Business admits students once per year.

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Education Building (Photo by Jeff Miller)

School of Education

The School of Education offers a wide variety of academic programs in:
  • EDUCATION – Elementary Education, Special Education, World Language Education, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Art Education, Music Education, and Physical Education.
  • THE ARTS– Art, Dance, and Theatre and Drama.
  • PRE-HEALTH – Kinesiology, Athletic Training, and Rehabilitation Psychology.

Prospective students are encouraged to see this website for a list of program offerings and links to detailed program requirements and admission information:

Aerial view of Engineering campus (Photo by Jeff Miller)

College of Engineering

*The College of Engineering advising group is limited to students who have applied and been admitted to the College of Engineering prior to SOAR.
The College of Engineering offers twelve undergraduate degree programs for students who wish to make the world a better place through innovative leadership, effective communication, and creative problem solving to tackle society's grand challenges. You will apply your comprehensive strengths in math, physics, chemistry, additional science and liberal art disciplines to solve practical problems in traditional fields as well as in emerging fields such as nanotechnology, sustainability and renewable energy. Engineering is a limited-enrollment program. Students who were directly admitted to an engineering program are strongly advised to make a SOAR reservation with the College of Engineering.

Students are also encouraged to visit our web site for a list of degree offerings, and detailed degree requirements:

Nancy Nicholas Hall, School of Human Ecology

School of Human Ecology (SoHE)

SoHE combines science, creativity and curiosity to improve the quality of human life and formulate new solutions to some of life’s oldest problems. Our students become leaders in multiple industries, building on their understanding of the entire human ecology -- individuals, families, communities, and the marketplace. Find a major in Personal Finance, Retailing and Consumer Behavior, Interior Architecture, Textiles and Fashion Design, Human Development and Family Studies, and Community and Nonprofit Leadership.

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Science Hall (Photo by Jeff Miller)

College of Letters and Science

The mission of the College of Letters & Science is to prepare students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Courses offered span the entire spectrum of disciplines in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. These courses provide the foundation of a liberal arts education that allows students to develop breadth of knowledge in a variety of disciplines as well as depth of knowledge in their chosen major. Through the curriculum, students explore complexities of the physical world, the diversity of the human experience, and the range of cultural expression. 

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Students who are undecided about majors or degree plans within L&S should seek advising with the Cross-College Advising Services.
Jacqui Guthrie, L&S Honors Program

College of Letters and Science Honors Program

The Letters & Science Honors Program supports students who have successfully applied to and been admitted to the L&S Honors Program. First-year L&S Honors students have diverse interests, can be either decided or undecided about their intended major(s), and can take advantage of a variety of programs and certificates across campus while pursuing an Honors degree.

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Signe Skott Cooper Hall (Photo by Jeff Miller)

School of Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program prepares students for professional nursing careers. It is a limited-enrollment program with a separate, competitive application process. Students apply to the nursing school during their sophomore year to begin the two-year nursing major their junior year. At SOAR, nursing advisors will help students select first-year courses, while also reviewing the admission criteria and application process for the nursing school.

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Rennebohm Hall (Photo by Jeff Miller)

School of Pharmacy

The goal of the School of Pharmacy is to enhance the quality of life through the discovery, development, and appropriate use of medications. Both of our degree programs combine mathematics, chemistry, and biology. If you like these subjects and would like to use them to enhance your ability to treat and cure disease and to help people, consider the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, which is a professional degree for students who would like to become pharmacists, or the B.S.-Pharmacology & Toxicology program, which is a science major/baccalaureate degree for students who want to learn more about both the beneficial and adverse effects of chemicals and medications. Students interested in applying for the School of Pharmacy should select this option for SOAR. 

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School of Music

The School of Music offers professional Bachelor of Music degrees as well as a liberal arts major that allows students to combine a Music major with any undergraduate degree at UW.  Music majors can choose to focus on classical instrumental or vocal performance, music education (teaching certification program), jazz studies, or music composition.  Students who auditioned for and have been admitted to the School of Music should select this option for SOAR, even if they plan to earn another major and/or have been admitted to the L&S Honors Program.
Students considering music education who are not already admitted to the School of Music should advise with the School of Education.  Students planning performance or jazz studies but not admitted to the School of Music may select this option for SOAR. Students not admitted will need to apply by October 31 and will be required to audition the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving for possible spring admission to the School of Music.

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