SOAR Advising Group Options

When you make a SOAR reservation, the reservation system will ask you a few questions that will help choose the best group for you. SOAR advising is your first step, and you can continue to talk with advisors from other groups throughout your time at UW. It’s OK to change your mind!
Take some time to explore and filter majors by interest area like business, health, or human development with the Undergraduate Guide: Explore UW-Madison’s Undergraduate Opportunities
Advising Group Options
Below are links to learn more about the different SOAR Group Advising Options.
Undecided or Exploring Students
If you want to explore majors and careers before making a decision, you can choose to work with CCAS. Your CCAS advisor will work with you to create a strategic plan that allows you to explore your interests in and outside of the classroom while still making timely progress towards your degree (in fact, students who work with CCAS graduate just as fast – or faster – than their peers!) About one-third of new students entering UW-Madison work with CCAS each year.
Considering a Professional Program?
New students considering professional programs (i.e. medical school, law school, veterinary school, etc) typically can major in any area of study. For SOAR we encourage you to select an advising group which most closely aligns with your major interests for your bachelor degree. Information about applying to future professional programs will be provided as you advance in your academic career. There are a few notable exceptions. Are you considering any of the following:
Pharmacy – Students exploring pharmacy or who are interested in taking the “fast track” into the professional PharmD program after completion of 2-3 years of prerequisite coursework are best served by working with our School of Pharmacy at SOAR which is home to our pre-pharmacy advising program..
Athletic Training, Occupational Therapy, or Physical Therapy – Students interested in pursuing these professional programs are best served by working with our School of Education which is home to several health related majors (Exercise and Movement Science, Health Promotion and Health Equity, and Rehabilitation Psychology).
Limited Enrollment Programs
Several group options are only available for students who have applied/auditioned and have already been directly admitted. If you are interested in one of these programs and have not been directly admitted, please choose the next SOAR Advising Group that best meets your interests and goals, or work with the Cross-College Advising Service to explore majors and discuss options.