Myth 7: AdvisorTips

AdvisorTips . . . on making time for tutoring and learning support
Anna, Academic Advisor: Tutoring can be built into your study schedule and not be an “extra” commitment. For every 1 credit of class you take, there’s an expectation you’ll spend 3 hours outside of class working on things for that course. For a 3 credit class, that equals 9 hours of out-of-class work. Tutoring can be a part of that 9 hour out-of-class work.
Linda, Assistant Dean: This is an important investment in you and your success. Participating will maximize your study time.
Lauren, Academic Advisor: Let’s talk about time management. How are you structuring/organizing your time? What are your priorities? When during the day/night is your focus/concentration at its best? What environments are most conducive to your study/work style? Consider the time spent in academic support spaces a part of the time you would be spending preparing for the course. 1 cr = 3 hrs outside of class time work. What if you don’t make time for tutoring and you have to retake the course or it otherwise negatively impacts your academic goals? It will be harder to make time then.