Myth 3

The TRUTH? You'll still need to devote time to studying outside of class
Tutoring and/or learning support will not (and should not) replace studying outside of class. It might make studying more efficient, but you'll still need to devote time to independent study. Many students mistake attending tutoring sessions or working privately with a tutor for studying. Keep in mind that the tutors will not do the “studying” for you; rather they can help you find the right study habits, clarify the material, and give you tips on how to stay organized.
If you are engaged in study groups or peer–led groups you should still make time for your own studying and retrieving the material on your own. Studies show that false familiarity with the material (thinking you know it if you heard it a few times) is mistaken for the mastery of the material. In order to test yourself in the content mastery, try to teach yourself or a friend, answer questions in the back of the textbook chapter, or create summary sheets without the use of textbook or notes.
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