How Do I Make an Appointment?

There are many different ways to schedule an appointment, and it varies by school, college, and department. Before contacting an advisor or advising office, please check the scheduling information posted on their website. Use the Find an Advisor search to get started. It may seem like a lot of information at first, but once you become familiar with the preferred method of your assigned advisor(s) and/or your department, it won’t be something you need to look into regularly.
Call or E-mail
Calling or e-mailing lets departments talk to you about your question(s) first, and then see if a one-on-one appointment is needed, or if your question has a simple answer that can be answered more quickly via e-mail. This allows advisors to reserve their one-on-one time for students who have questions that need to be discussed at length. 
Starfish is an online scheduling tool that some campus advisors and advising offices now use for scheduling appointments. This system allows you to view an advisor’s availability and select an appointment time to meet with them. Please be considerate of your advisor (and other students!), and make every effort to attend your appointments or to cancel ahead of time (24 hours notice minimum) if necessary.
Some advising offices set aside “drop-in” hours, especially around enrollment, where you can stop by without scheduling an appointment. Keep in mind that this can mean you may have to wait to speak to an advisor, and they may have shorter time slots available than usual.