Benefits of Declaring a Major

If you’re strongly leaning towards a certain major but have put off declaring because you’re not 100% sure, it may be wise to reconsider. There are resources and opportunities that won’t be available to you until you declare, some of which might be the very thing that could help you make your final decision. Talk to your advisor to see if this is the right decision for you or if you have more questions about How to Declare a Major.
 ​Here are some benefits you could miss out on if you delay:
  • Priority to enroll in certain courses
  • An assigned advisor who specializes in that area
  • Eligibility for scholarships that are for declared majors only
  • Networking opportunities with other students, alumni, or professional
  • E-mail lists that have relevant information to resources and opportunities related to that major (internships, special speakers, workshops, volunteering, research opportunities, study abroad programs, organizations etc.)

Keep this in mind . . .

Declaring a major early does not automatically mean you are on a faster track for graduation. Hastily declaring a major for the wrong reasons (like pressure from family, friends, or yourself!) or based on poor or inadequate information could waste time and money if you find out later on that the major you chose was a poor fit for you. Taking time to explore could ultimately save you time!