About Advising

What's in this section?
What is Advising?
Provides a overview of academic advising in the context of your college career
Who are Advisors?
Briefly describes the roles that academic advisors can play in your college experience
When Should I See an Advisor?
Introduces you to the wide array of things advisors are prepared to discuss and help you with
How do I Make an Appointment?
Presents information on ways to schedule appointments with advisors
How To Prepare for Advising
Ideas for how to make the most of your time with your advisors
Expectations About Advising
Answers the questions: "What should you expect from your academic advisors?" and "What do your academic advisors expect from you?"
High School vs College Advising
Explores the differences between "advising" in high school versus academic and career advising in the university context
Advising FAQs
Answers to many common questions about advising
Tell Your Parents! Offers links to useful resources for parents
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