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Prof. Henry Young advising in the School of Pharmacy
Undergraduate Advising at UW-Madison


What is advising?
Academic Advising at UW-Madison is a process where you work in partnership with professionally prepared staff and faculty to develop your educational and post-college plans.  A good advising relationship provides you with a coach who can help you figure out how to make the best of your time at UW-Madison and be ready for your next step after graduation.  As Marc Lowenstein (2000) said  “Good advising is to the whole curriculum as good teaching is to one course."  Undergraduate students have their first advising experience at the Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) program.
Who are advisors?
Advisors at UW-Madison are staff and faculty with advanced degrees who are professionally prepared to serve as advisors for undergraduate students.  Most advisors are full-time advisors, meaning that advising undergraduates is the primary purpose of their job.  Other advisors have responsibilities like teaching and research in addition to advising. 
Who is my advisor?
Every undergraduate has an assigned advisor who helps you with the process of developing your educational and post-college plans.  After you attend Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) you will be assigned an advisor.  You can see your advisor’s name through your MyUW Student Center.  Your assigned advisor is not the only advisor you should get to know.  Advisors have different specialty areas such as internships, career planning, study abroad or graduate school planning.  You should take advantage of the many different types of advisors at UW-Madison.
How do I make an appointment to see an advisor?
Advisors work with students in many different ways, including SOAR, individual appointments, group meetings, drop-in visits, and electronic communications.  Check with your assigned advisor to find out how to arrange a conversation.
How often should I see an advisor?
You should interact with an advisor at least once per semester.  Some advising offices require student contact and others do not.  You should visit with an advisor as often as you would like or feel that you need - the more the better for establishing a good relationship.
Thank an advisor.
If you’ve had a great advising experience please take a moment to Thank an Advisor.
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